Yuki Kamide

The proliferation of smartphones and social media has made taking photos an veryday occurrence where people record visual scenes, some of which were not even cared about before.
That sometimes causes confusion. We end up not being able to understand what we see or know whether we actually need something.

Just as casually eating snacks is never brings about a full feeling, a satisfaction can never be obtained by trying to gather up fragments of single pieces which turn from daily personal feelings into just information. Yet, people keep moving in the same direction along a timeline.

It is that certain moment, when stopping in the scene of sudden recall, that a chain of memories begins, having no ending point.
Every time fragments of memory that are out of the time continuum are combined, different views are created like a kaleidoscope that never shows the same picture.
Each of these are personal views which can not be posted on timeline, forming each individual's present time.
My work begins from photographs that everybody can take any time, exploring the multiple layers and changes of memory. These are paintings of this moment.

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