Cynthia Penna

Born in Napoli, Italy

She lives and works:

Milan and Napoli, Italy

Los Angeles, California

2007                Founded ART1307 Cultural Institution in Napoli, Italy

                        Appointed Artistic Director of ART1307, Napoli, Italy

2011                Founded ART1307, LLC, companies based in Los Angeles, California

                        She is President, co - owner and Artistic Director

In ten years of activity she curated more then 50 art exhibitions at the prestigious venue of Villa di Donato cultural center in Napoli.

Many others have been envisioned, created and curated in many venues around the world:

2007 – “Qui del Dicibile”: Department of Art and Architecture of Ministry of Culture-  Napoli

2007 - 2008 - 3 exhibitions in France in Saint-Tropez for the City Hall Department of culture and tourism and Carces at La Maison des Arts Cultural Center

2008 - Todd Williamson at Associazione Arte Giappone- Milan

2009 - Caterina Arciprete at University Parthenope in Napoli

2010 - Latitude 34/40 : International exchange show: LA Artcore Los Angeles and ART1307 Napoli

2012 - Peter Lodato at Museo Emblema Terzigno (Napoli)

2012 - Todd Williamson at PAN Museum of Arts – Napoli

2012 - TTOZOI at Brewery Annex for LA Artcore  - Los Angeles

2012 - Shane Guffog at PAN Museum of Arts – Napoli

2013 - Lisa Bartleson At Pio Monte della Misericordia Cultural Association- Napoli

2013 - Danilo Giannoni  at Italian Cultural Center Los Angeles

2013 - PROJECT 02: E.K.V.A. & ITALIAN ART NOW SIXTY29 CONTEMPORARY, Culver City, California

2013 - Reflections  A-myd arte spazio – Milano, Italy

2013 - Dado Schapira: The Thousand Threads of Knowledge – Solo Show

West Hollywood Library- City of West Hollywood

2014 - Yasunari Nakagomi : solo show at Pio Monte della Misericordia – Napoli

2014 - The Non- objective moment: group Show: LAAA Artists Association- Los Angeles

2015 - Latitude 34/40 : International Exchange show : LA Artcore Los Angeles and ART1307  Napoli

2015 - Laddie John Dill Solo Show at Pio Monte della Misericordia – Napoli

2015 - MANA in Naples: 10 artists from California to Napoli

2015 - Carla Viparelli : solo show at SixtyTwenty Nine : Culver City-  California

2015 -  Amedeo Sanzone solo show at Pio Monte della Misericordia – Napoli

2016 - Latitude 36/40: International Exchange show at Metropolitan Museum of Tokyo-  Japan

2017 - Ambiguous Reality: group show at LAAA Artist Association -  Los Angeles

2017 – Antiquitas in Luce: Laddie John Dill: solo show at Archaeological Museum of Napoli

2017 - ESTATE ITALIANA: group show at Museum of Art and History of Lancaster – California

2017 - A Cut Above: group show at the Loft at Liz’s – Los Angeles



Archaeological National Museum of Napoli,

University La Sapienza –Rome

Pio Monte della Misericordia - Napoli

PAN : Palazzo delle Arti - Napoli

Liceo Artistico – Benevento  

IULM University Milan

Belmont University – Nashville TN

Academy of Fine Arts – Napoli

CAAM: Casoria Contemporary Museum

ISI Cultural Center – Napoli

Istituto per gli Studi Filosofici - Napoli

Cynthia Penna Lectures in language:

MOAH Art Museum Lancaster CA

Satrt Up Fair: Los Angeles

Italian Cultural Center- Los Angeles

The Loft at Liz’s Gallery and Catherine Kone Gallery – Los Angeles

LA Artcore Association – Los Angeles

La maison des Arts- Carcès – France


28 Texts in catalog edited by ART1307 for exhibitions in Napoli at Villa di Donato

29 Texts in catalogs edited by various publishers 

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