Information and History

Born in March 2009, is proposed as the new online information hub in the regional and national information landscape. Edited and directed by Raffaele De Lucia, Napolivillage consists of an updated information newspaper 24 hours a day, a sports newspaper ENNE and a television press agency Napolivillage TV. The structure has its registered office in viale Augusto 16, in Naples and collaborates with a series of freelance professionals who are constantly working with the editorial staff and of many who have been working for years on exponential growth of the project. The goal is to tell Naples, the main events in the news and not only in a serious, professional and usable to an increasingly large audience of readers either through written or filmed news, or through photographs. The great innovation introduced by is to provide the public, on a daily basis, with professional online services. Readers will be able to interact from home via e-mail or telephone with doctors, lawyers, accountants and architects who will respond in a public and private manner to all the questions and queries that will be addressed to them. is completely online and does not have a paper fee. In addition to online services, Napolivillage.con also guarantees a series of collateral services such as:

Press offices
Service television shooting
Organization of press conferences and events
Paper print reviews
Creation of television and radio spots
Realization of personalized photographic services and for ceremonies
Soon the editorial platform of will expand to two other realities a local with the birth of, a newspaper dedicated to the municipality flegreo, the political activity of the municipality, the news, socio-economic activity and sport, not forgetting, however, the whole area of ​​the Campi Flegrei and the opening by a few weeks of the editorial staff of Yes,, exports its name to the Vesuvian area. The two platforms on Pozzuoli and Cremano, as Napolivillage will be updated 24 hours a day and will be an information vehicle for all citizens of the two municipalities.

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