Chiara Reale


Born in Naples, Chiara Reale moved to England at the age of eighteen to attend the   Veterinary Medicine College of London,  conferred the International Baccalaureate (she continued her studies in Italy). It was during this time that she also had the opportunity to get closer to art studies and deepened her knowledge in contemporary art. Later she also attended classes in History of Art, Business Adminstration and Marketing in contemporary art's sector at Bocconi University in Milan.

From Genuary 2012 she began working with the publishing house “Marchese Editore”, dealing with public relation, promotion and cultural events management. She starts to work about commingling between art and literature. She organizes the presentation of: “Racconti per Ragazzi” an unpublishing book of Alexandre Dumas with the Annarita Costantini's paint exhibition (“Istituto di Cultura Francese Le Grenoble”, Naples, December 2013); “Non c'è labirinto più Chiaro”  poetry book by Salvador Espriu with Achille Perilli's exhibition (UBIK , Naples, January 2014). In the year 2014 she starts to work in the role of art curator: she presents “Chiaro-Scuri. Il rapporto donna-donna raccontato dalla donna”, paint's collective of five italian women artists (Serra di Villa Pignatelli of Naples, March 2014). In the year 2014 she organizes also the presentation of the Valeriani's book “Porta Capuana” ( Museo Sansevero – Cappella Sansevero, Naples, and Lanificio 25, November/December 2014).

In the year 2014, in collaboration with Marchese Editore and the Association Componibile 62, she founds “RACNA” on-line magazine dedicated to art, assuming the role of project manager. At the same time she starts to work with private artists, in the role of art consultant. She deals with comunication and promotion of Viviana Rasulo's personal exhibition “Ai Confini del Mondo” (december 2014); she collaborates with Luca Bracali (fotoreporter and television film director) for the organization of the exhibition “2015 Anno della Luce” (Castel dell'Ovo, January 2015); She is the curator of Mary Cinque's exhibition “Un'Idea di Parigi” (“Istituto di Cultura Francese Le Grenoble”, Naples, January 2015). She also held the review “Arte&Linguaggi - Nuove geografie della contemporaneità”, in collaboration with Racna Magazine and Carmine De Falco, and with the support of Fondazione Premio Napoli ( February- June 2015, Royal Palace of Naples).

In April 2015 she began working with International Art Association Art1307, dealing with  public relation, promotion's strategy and comunication. In June 2015 she works with Banca Popolare del Mediterraneo – Permanent Gallery, on the occasion of the bi-personal exhibition of Viviana Rasulo and Peppe Esposito, in virtue as curator. In June 2015 she also works with the photographer Michele Pero, dealing with promotion and comunication for his exhibition “La Dolce Vita Made in Germany” (Conti Guidi's Castle, Poppi, Arezzo). In October 2015 she is curator for Isotta Bellomunno's exhibition “Latte di Mamma” (Castel dell'Ovo, Naples).

In the year 2016 she is the curator of: Alessandra Cardone's photo exhibition “Per Amor Vostro” (Intragallery, charity event, February 2016); Viviana Rasulo photo exhibition “Verso Est” ( Complesso Monumentale di San Lorenzo Maggiore of Naples, April 2016); Stefania Raimondi's paint exhibition “Tracce di Memoria” (Pan – Palace of Art of Naples, September 2016). In March 2016 the Municipality of Naples entrast her organization, comunication and promotion of the most important exhibition of Rosaria Matarese (Pan – Palace of Art of Naples). In 2016 she also began the collaboration with Villa di Donato (music and theatre's review), assimung the role of press office.

At the beginning of the year 2017 she starts the collaboration with the National Magazine “Secret Style Magazine”, where she keeps a journalistic column about contemporary art. In this year she works with Fondazione Made in Cloister in occasion of the site-specific installation of Tadashi Kawamata, in virtue as press office(Chiostro di Santa Caterina a Formiello, Naples, May 2017). In May 2017 She also deals of comunication and promotion of the greater italian exhibition of Laddie John Dill (“Antiquitas in Luce”, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli) in collaboration with Art1307. In september 2017 Viviana Rasulo's photographic project “Living Fabrik”, follow by Chiara Reale, is chosen for a presentation in New York (School of Visual Art of New York).

At the beginning of the year 2018 she stars to work with Fondazione Morra (Casa Morra – Archivi Mario Franco) where she deals of organization, comunication and promotion of several sperimental movies's reviews. She is the curator of “The Yellow Truck”, the personal photographic exhibition of Robert Hermann (Casa Morra – Archivi Mario Franco, March 2018). In the same place she presents Kristin Man's artbook (April 2018). In May 2018 she is the curator of the personal exhibition of Kristin Man (Pan – Palace of Art of Naples). In may 2018 she also deals of organization and comunication of Viviana Rasuolo's retrospective “Senza Confine” (Castel dell'Ovo, Naples).

The collaboration with Art1307 goes on. Thanks to this association she has the opportunity to work with the most important artists of international art's scene.

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