The process starts with the shipping of 10 canvases from ART1307 Cultural Institution based in Napoli-Italy, to 10 different artists in diverse Nations.

The chosen size of the canvas  is 60 by 60 inches (1,50 mt by 1,50 mt) 

Each artist starts his own painting (only acrylic or ink , or watercolors) thinking that 4 more artists will work on the same canvas later.

Each artist, after two months of work, will roll the canvas, put it inside a tube and send it to the following artist which will be indicated by the curators following a precise schedule.

Each artist will be the first who will paint the canvas and then the second, the third and the ……..fifth.

Each artist will document the entire process with photographs, video, and statements and writings which show the whole process , step by step, of the production of the artwork. The video and photographs will show the material painting of the canvas, while the statements and writings will document the emotional reactions and the sensations received by looking at the art produced by other artists.

All documentation will be shipped or sent on line ONLY to the curators and not to the other artists to not influence the psychological and emotional reaction towards the painted canvas.

At the end of the entire tour all canvases will be shipped back to ART1307 in Italy.

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