Dino Izzo


I have always been fascinated by signs and by the signs of language, and I have always reflected, using various modalities, about the expressive insufficiency of the word and the wearing out of the image,

I began this work by tracing more or less spontaneous signs, attributing titles suggested by the forms glimpsed. Both the signs and the titles provided me with the theme of the works: paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, texts.

Since 2014 my sign has turned into writing, linear and neat drawing.

I lay out the colour with a long and painstaking work, writing stories with a tight handwriting without line-spacing, illegible because the substance of writing submerges its sense.

Images surface from handwriting, bringing back the visual experience of writing.

After all, shapes are where the narrator starts and where the reader symmetrically gets.

Both of them are looking.

Biography and main exhibitions

Dino Izzo was born in Naples in 1948 and has been exhibiting since 1975. He is one of the founders of the group “Virus” of Naples.

Solo exhibitions

1987, Studio Scalise, Naples;
1988, Stalke Galleri, Copenhagen;
1989, “Erlebnis”, Dampfzentrale Kunsthalle, Bern;
1990, “Virus”, Copenhagen; “Ett Mote”, Göteborg;
1991, “Virus”, Naples;
1998, Biblioteca della Certosa, Capri;
2004, “Historia Equa”, Agnano/Naples;
2008 “Capitolo IX”, Sala della Loggia, Castelnuovo, Naples,
2013, “Capitolo X”, Chiesa s. Anna dei Lombardi, Naples;
2014, “100 Stanze 100 Artisti” (100 Rooms 100 Artists), Art Hotel Gran Paradiso, Sorrento

In 1994 he founded the gallery “1220” and, starting to name his solo exhibitions as chapters of a single book, presented the sections from “Prefazione” (Preface) to “Capitolo VIII” (Chapter VIII).

Group exhibitions

1986, “Nuove Tendenze in Italia” (New Tendencies in Italy), Florence;
1988, “Quattro” (Four), Milan;
1990, “Ipotesi 90” (Hypothesis 90), Milan; “Nuova Ricerca in Italia” (New Research in Italy), Loreto; “Status”, Copenhagen;
1996 “Laboratorio Politico di Fine Secolo” (Political Laboratory at the End of the Century), Macerata;
1997 “Altre Alleanze” (Other Alliances), Turin; “Experience Design”, Milan; “Pour Artaud”, Milan/Chicago; “Laboratorio Politico
di Fine Secolo 2” (Political Laboratory at the End of the Century 2), Rome;
1998 “Laboratorio Politico di Fine Secolo 3” (Political Laboratory at the End of the Century 3), Rome; “ArteVideoTv 2000”,
Bologna; 2002, “Digiuno” (Fasting), Laboratory, Naples;
2005, “Igladia,” Palazzo Reale, Naples.

Since 1996 he has produced many videos that have been shown in various Italian and European cities.

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